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Barcelona offer extraordinary view from Montjuic. On this trip you'll be also be able to enjoy the scenic Costanera, which includes Olympic Port, the Old Port and the sea. At Olympic Port you'll get to know one of the most important leisure areas of the city, with bars, restaurants and shops. After dark this area comes to life with a great variety of spots where you can enjoy the night life.

*At the end of the day we'll have about 2 hours of free time to spend at Catalonia Plaza (downtown).
Get to know the world's largest surrealist attraction: the S. Dali Theatre-Museum. It is located in the old Municipal Theatre building, which was built in the Nineteenth Century and destroyed at the end of the Civil War. Dali decided to create his museum over the ruins and took charge of every detail. Inside we'll be able to visit his last residence and the tomb where his body rests. It is the largest collection in existence of paintings from this famous artist, who was born and raised in Catalonia. Visitors may enjoy his striking works all year round.

The museum itself is a work of art, with strange combinations of paintings, sculptures, furniture, decorations and all manner of curiosities. The walls and ceilings of many of the rooms are completely covered with murals. Some are original works, while others are extensions of his famous paintings.
This is an art-filled trip you cannot miss! We'll take you on Bus Plana from Salou, Cambrils or la Pineda to the Dali Museum for an unforgettable tour. Admission to the museum is included in the price of the ticket.
The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc was christened on May 19, 1929, at the World's Fair in Barcelona. The designer, Carles Buigas, submitted the plans a year before the fair, and many thought the project was too ambitious. More than 3,000 laborers worked on the project, which was finished in less than a year.
The Magic Fountain is a spectacular display of colour, light, movement, music and aquatic acrobatics. When you take all these elements and combine them properly you get pure magic! The Magic Fountain is a must-see show and highly recommended on trips to Barcelona.

Spanish Night is the show at La Siesta with Spanish dances and Flamenco which is thoroughly enjoyed by audiences of any age and nationality.

The Spanish Flamenco show which is performed is the development of an artistic production which has been improved during the recent years and has been seen and applauded by thousands of spectators every season.

LA SIESTA doesn't present a typical Spanish Flamenco show as elsewhere but an artistic production which is distinguished by its high quality, interpreted with magnificant choreography and a huge diversity of costumes, lighting effects and stage decoration. Our show is the window to the greatest artistic talents and the richness of the music and dance of Spanish folklore.

The show starts with a taste of the classic Spanish Pasodobles and Zarzuelas followed by some Flamenco performances carried out with rythmn using boxes and sticks followed by the typical Flamenco dance "bulerias" and "solo de pies", rythmn with the feet. Finally but not least the light hearted festival dances known as Las Sevillanas and La Rumba Catalana.

Under construction since 1882, this is a symbol of Barcelona and a major work of the architect Antoni Gaudí. This expiatory temple is a must-see in Barcelona, with an anticipated completion date of 2026. Gaudí planned a church with 18 towers (12 symbolizing the Apostles, 4 for the Evangelists and one each for Mary and Jesus). They differ in height based on the rank of the individuals they each stand for. To date there are 8 towers finished at Holy Family, 4 at each facade. The facades do not connect, and each has a separate entrance. The tower tops can only be reached by elevator, one in each facade.
This monument to Christopher Columbus was christened in 1888 and immediately became an icon in the city of Barcelona. It was built in homage to the Discoverer and is located at Portal de la Pau Plaza, between Las Ramblas and the Port of Barcelona. An elevator in the tower takes you to the semi-circular area at the foot of the statue, where you'll have a panoramic view of the city.
Catalonia Plaza is at the heart of Barcelona. It is the third largest plaza in Spain and joins the old town centre with the suburbs. From the plaza you can get reach major city streets such as La Rambla, el Paseo de Gracia, La Rambla de Cataluña and La Avenida de Portal del Ángel (the old docking port) famous for its shops and businesses.
Las Ramblas is a walkway located between Catalonia Plaza and the old port. A stroll down Las Ramblas will take you past several print shops, florists, bird and pet shops, you'll see street performers, and discover cafes, restaurants and businesses. All these things make Las Ramblas a colorful area, rich in charming contrasts.
The Gothic Quarter is the oldest section of the city and one of the four neighbourhoods forming Barcelona's Ciutat Vella District. There are two main routes through it: "Cardus" (nowadays Bisbe and Ciutat Streets) and "Decumanus", (nowadays Llibretería and Call Streets). Sites such as the door at "Placa Nova" mark the ruins of the barrier wall from those times that runs throughout the neighbourhood. Here you'll find the palaces of the Genaralitat and the Town Council.
We'll take you for a full tour of the stadium. Our trip includes transportation and admission for the whole trip (field and museum). We'll visit the locker rooms, the field, the benches, the press room and the museum.
The Aquarium is a fun and educational marine centre located at the Moll d'Espanya in Port Vell, near the sea. It's an ideal place to get to know the Mediterranean, and a great choice for spending free time. At The Aquarium in Barcelona, besides the aquariums and exhibits, you'll be able to enjoy various services offered to make the tour as pleasant as possible (self-service cafeteria, The Aquarium Souvenir Shop, souvenir photos, the auditorium, etc.)
EXCURSIONS (for the participants of the Festival we can organize several excursions):


(bus + guide in your language; 8 h)
(Colombo Monument; Montjuic Hill - panoramic view; Olympic stadium where '92. Olympic Games were held; Magic Fountains; Plaza Espanya; Gran Via; Paseo de Gracia; Casa Batllo - Gaudi; Casa Pedrera - Gaudi; Sagrada Familia - Gaudi); free time at Plaza Cataluña.
Optional: Aquarium 14 € per children till 10 years and 18 € per adult person;
Camp Nou 15 € per children till 12 years and 20 € per adult person.

FLAMENCO SHOW 25 € per person

(bus transfer + 2 h show program and drink: sangria, champagne or fruit juice)

DALI MUSEUM + GERONA 45 € per person

(bus + guide in your language; + entrance ticket; 6 h)

MONTSERRAT 40 € per person

(bus + guide in your language; 6 h)


(bus + guide in your language; 9 h)
(Colombo Monument; Montjuic Hill - panoramic view; Olympic stadium where '92. Olympic Games were held; Magic Fountains; Plaza Espanya; Gran Via; Paseo de Gracia; Casa Batllo - Gaudi; Casa Pedrera - Gaudi; Sagrada Familia - Gaudi); free time at Plaza Cataluña. Montserrat.
Optional: Aquarium 12 € per children till 18 years and 17 € per adult person;
Camp Nou 18 € per children till 12 years and 24 € per adult person.